Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Short course : Introduction to Unix/Linux

For spring semester, we will be offering short course, 'Introduction
to Unix',

Date : Feb 8(Monday) ~10(Wednesday).
Location : Annex library 417C

For detail,

Please, leave a comment or feedback about this class. It would be helpful to improve the class.
Thanks you.


  1. The short course was very good. I didn't know I could learn that much within 3 days!
    My suggestion is that subsequent short courses be video-taped for revision, and in case one misses a class.

  2. Very good course. It was informative and an excellent learning experience for anyone that had no previous experience with Unix. The instructor was funny and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this class in the future.

  3. Very good course.

  4. Thanks for offering this course. I learn much. Hopely, the similar class could be held up in the future.

  5. A good starting point for amateur Unix users. Course was terse yet comprehensive, in the sense that it provided a basis for further learning. Course material and the cited learning resources provide all essential information to get a good hold onto using Unix. Thanks to for these short courses and I am sure that every beginner user of Unix would find it useful.

  6. It was a nice experience especially for a beginner like me this course is very useful. The instructor was very friendly and helpful all the time. I think the learning process will be more effective if the course is taught in a computer lab where all the students can use the commands learned at that moment.

  7. Excellent work!!
    Very good experience.

  8. The course is very well organized and thought, the support materials are great, and, most importantly, the instructor is always willing to help in specific questions one may have. He really goes out of his way to help the students. In summary, after taking the course, I am ready to get going with my research.

  9. It was a very informative and interesting course. And the professor is very humerous. After taking this short course, I can carry out my research in Linux system.
    If there is one thing, Professor please don't worry about the attendence: you are excellent; and the guys who need the knowledge will definitely come.