Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Fall Short Course, Introduction to Unix/Linux

Fall 2011 class starts on Sep. 5 through Sep. 8 at Teague B013.

Date : Sep. 5(Monday) ~ Sep. 8(Thursday).
Time : 3PM ~ 5PM
Location : Teague B013

This short course will be held in computer room and each attendee will be able to access computer for hands-on lab session. It is highly recommended for all attendee to get your EOS login ID ready before the first day of class. EOS login ID is required for hands-on lab.

Introduction to Linux is a short course specifically designed for beginner to Linux/Unix system. It will cover basic concept of Linux and frequently used commands.

  • What is Linux/Unix?
  • File and Directory
  • Edit text file
  • Setup environment
  • Remote access
  • Process,Signal
  • I/O redirection,Pipe
  • Alias
  • Permission
  • Kernel & Shell

For detail,

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