Monday, September 5, 2011

2011 Fall Short Course, Introduction to Unix/Linux

Fall 2011 class starts on Sep. 5 through Sep. 8 at Teague B013.

Date : Sep. 5(Monday) ~ Sep. 8(Thursday).
Time : 3PM ~ 5PM
Location : Teague B013

This short course will be held in computer room and each attendee will be able to access computer for hands-on lab session. It is highly recommended for all attendee to get your EOS login ID ready before the first day of class. EOS login ID is required for hands-on lab.

Introduction to Linux is a short course specifically designed for beginner to Linux/Unix system. It will cover basic concept of Linux and frequently used commands.

  • What is Linux/Unix?
  • File and Directory
  • Edit text file
  • Setup environment
  • Remote access
  • Process,Signal
  • I/O redirection,Pipe
  • Alias
  • Permission
  • Kernel & Shell

For detail,

Please, post a comment or feedback about this class. It would be helpful to improve the class.

Thanks you.


  1. It is a very good class.

  2. The syntax for commands is always confusing, specially when you add symbols like '|', '\', ..
    which i'm not sure where they should be placed and the reason to put them.
    But in general i think i got the basics and now i can advance further.
    thank u !

  3. 1 hour per class should be enough for the first three days. But I wish you offer another workshop to learn more about shell script programming :)

  4. It was a very good experience. I am now feeling a lot comfortable with Linux and can advance further with more practice. Thanks a lot. I wish we can have a short-course on shell scripting.

  5. I loved this class. Unfortunately, I could only attend on the last two days. I consider myself an experienced Linux user, and still learned some new tricks even on the first class. I find the part about the memory limits, and memory segments (size command) really helpful for users. I will attend next semester if you offer this class. It absolutely worth the time to go to this class. Brian makes this topic enjoyable, and covers the most of the important stuff. Hats off. Thank you.

  6. nice course for others, But too easy for me

  7. The class is good. However, i think it can be compressed into 2 days instead of 4 days. Actually, I think the content can be finished in 2 days.

  8. Learned many tricks from the course.

  9. I attended all 4 sessions. I had a limited (old) experience with unix environment and am trying to teach myself to catch up with some bioinformatic tools. The course has a good progressive structure. I was not quite following the memory segments discussion, due to my inexperience. This course equipped me to comfortably navigate the system (with some help from textbooks) without being lost. Now I started to function more efficiently on unix side of OSX, and explore. I look forward taking eos and perl courses.

  10. This is a very helpful course for me. I had very little experience with Linux before. But after this course, basically I can use it and run my code without any major problem. I like Dr. Brian's way to teach us, especially provided us the efficient method to look up help. Thanks, Dr. Brian.