Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OpenMP v.s MPI. Who is the winner?

Recently, I have analyzed all the email communication between supercomputer user and helpdesk from 08/2006 to 03/2010. Only OpenMP and MPI related emails are counted.


This is just for fun and not intended to deliver any technical explanation or anything. Occasionally, some of user ask just out of curiosity, and this is answer to that. That's it.


  1. How many people asked about OpenMPI?

  2. Good point. However, these data are from IBM cluster which use IBM's MPI stack. So, every question is just about IBM's stack. I will keep an eye on for our new cluster which will provide multiple MPI stacks and post it later with data. Thanks.

  3. hello !can i ask you something ? i set up a rocks cluster server with 30 nodes!how can i test that it works?someone tell me to install a matlab parallel computing !can you help me ? thanks a lot!my e-mail is!thanks a lot

  4. Easy way to install Matlab Distributed Computing Server on Rocks is using shared file system. Just follow normal Matlab installation procedure and select one of directory on shared file system as a target directory. However, you have to make sure you have license for Matlab, Matlab Parallel Toolbox, and Distributed Computing Server, respectively.

    If you need more information, please, tell me a little bit more detail about what you want to do.

    I hope it would help.

  5. yeah..!! i think this is the right time for "parallel programming".. its gaining popularity now a days..

    im just a beginner in OpenMP.. i have started a blog.. anyone interested can have a look at it..
    it is all about OpenMP - tutorial..