Friday, September 25, 2009

New way to manage your account on supercomputer

Recently, I have been developing a web based system to manage account on supercomputer. Previously, user need to connect text terminal based system to create account and change password. To be able to do this, user need to install terminal emulator(Hummingbird - Host Explorer) on their Windows machine first and set it up correctly. The problem here is that a lot of our user are not familiar with these 'text terminal' based system and even the interface is not intuitive at all and user has to go through different authentication process for each systems.

So we have decided to develop a web based system with more intuitive user interface and simple/central authentication process. Once user log in this system, user can create account, change password, and check account balance all in one single place. Now, it is under beta testing.

1. Login to AMS(Account Management System)

1-Login to AMS

2. Centralized Authentication System

2-Centralized Authentication System

3. Account Summary

3-Account Summary

4. Profile


5. Change password

5-Change password

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