Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Spring Short Course, Introduction to Unix/Linux

Date : Jan. 30(Monday) ~ Dec. 2(Thursday).
Time : 3PM ~ 5PM
Location : Teague Rm# 103

It is highly recommended for all attendee to get your EOS login ID ready before the first day of class. EOS login ID is required for hands-on lab.

Introduction to Linux is a short course specifically designed for beginner to Linux/Unix system. It will cover basic concept of Linux and frequently used commands.

  • What is Linux/Unix?
  • File and Directory
  • Edit text file
  • Setup environment
  • Remote access
  • Process,Signal
  • I/O redirection,Pipe
  • Alias
  • Permission
  • Kernel & Shell
For detail,

Please, post a comment or feedback about this class. It would be helpful to improve the class.
Thanks you.

Brian Kim


  1. Last fall semester, I took this course.
    But It was very difficult to me. (At that time, I was a extremely beginner.)
    In this time, It is really appropriate to student who has no background about Unix.

    My recommendation is that it is better to hold a class in the computer lab (don't need to bring a labtop). I think it is more convenient to student.

    It is really good!!!
    Thanks teacher tskim!!!

  2. This course was very well organized. I have taken a linux course previously, but this was an excellent refresher. The instructor answered all questions, was very willing to provide help, and gave many useful tips.

    The slides were very helpful and will be a good reference.
    I agree with the previous comment, teaching in a computer lab would be much better. In that case, examples ("homework") could be done which would enable more practice in class.

    Overall, I think this short course was very useful and helpful and I am very glad that the SC facility provides this service.

  3. Very informative course - I am a beginner and learned a lot. Great instructor - he is easy to learn from and funny. I think the course was taught at a good level, not too hard or too easy. Thank you!!!

  4. This is the most interesting class I have attended. Keep on this kind of teaching style. I think Kim will become very popular in the near future.

    Thanks very much! Kim! A short but great class.

  5. [FYI] This is the club where I learned 'how to be a funny speaker'

    If you are interested in, just send me an email.


  6. Thank you for all the feedbacks.

    I want to let everyone knows that I am available for any kind of unofficial Linux workshop on campus for 1 or 2 hours even on weekend if you can have more than 10 people in the group. So, if you need short course for your research group or any other occasion, just let me know.



  7. Before this course, I knew nothing about UNIX, and at that time I felt I would never understand things like this. But after this course, I feel it's not that hard, and I gradually get used to it. Thanks to kim, who gives me a good start! For a person who knew nothing about UNIX, I have to say it's an amazing course!

  8. I am an absolute beginner. Before this course I had no idea about Linux. My advisor suggested taking part in these classes. I learned alot. Most of the lecture was useful for me.

    I have two suggestions:
    1. It's better to follow your syllabus for, say, 1.5 hours and then answer the questions in the remaining time. Most of the questions could have been answered if you continued what you were teaching.

    2. Try to reserve a computer lab!

    After all, I had a great time and learned alot.
    Thanks Kim.

  9. I am a beginner in UNIX world and this course helped me to make a good start. Our instructor was very friendly and willing to answer all the questions we had.
    I agree with the previous comment about having a more convenient classroom. Other than that I enjoyed it a lot!
    Thanks Kim

  10. If you don't have a clue about Linux/Unix, and you want to learn it, this is the person you should approach. Kim explained most of the introductory topics to the core and also patiently answered all the questions, however simple those may be. He made the lectures really interesting and lively by his unique style of lecture delivery.I recommend this to everyone. My sincere thanks to Kim ! Also I look forward to attending the future lectures on advanced topics.